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Make a professional impression

It’s time to ditch the notebook, clipboard, or inferior open house apps, because the most advanced open house app available is not only the easiest to use, it’s also free to start.

Impress your visitors while never missing another lead or opportunity to network with new prospects.

Available for Tablet, SmartPhone, desktop, QR code & Tap (NFC)
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Introducing Deetz, the ultimate open house app designed to revolutionize your real estate experience!

Effortless Planning

Deetz streamlines your open house planning with intuitive scheduling, reminders, and easy management of property details and visuals.

Maximize Exposure

Reach a wider audience effortlessly! Deetz comes equipped with powerful digital marketing tools, ensuring your open houses are promoted online, on social media, and through targeted email campaigns.

Instant Communication

Foster quick and direct communication between agents, sellers, and buyers through Deetz's built-in chat and messaging features.

Feedback and Analytics

Leverage valuable insights with Deetz. Collect attendee feedback and access analytics to refine your marketing and sales strategies for future success.

Automate leads via CRM integrations

Once your guests sign into your open house the leads are automatically sent to your CRM via API integration. Deetz will automatically send your new connection a text message follow up with your digital business card and profile.

You can be sure every lead is followed up, quickly and in an impressive manner with all of your links at their fingertips.

Open house app demo
Unlimited open houses

No limit to the number of open houses you can host,

Unlimited registrations

No limit to registrants or leads you generate.

Unlimited follow-up texts

Follow up every single new registration with text message links to your digital business cards.

Reward sign-ins

Reward your sign ins with text message content that you can define.

Unlimited listings

Add am open house for every listing, and never miss a lead again.

Self service

Your clients will love how professional and self sufficient your open house visitors will be.

Tap & QR code open houses

Print branded QR codes to offer self service sign-ins or use an NFC sign to allow tap sign ins via your visitors own mobile phones. Your QR code never needs to change!

Multiple question types

Offer Yes/no, free text, drop down or ratings questions for free form answers and address, email and mortgage for structured data that will flow directly into your contacts.

Open house CRM integrations

Directly send new connections to your CRM for further lead nurturing.

Automatic follow-ups

Automatically follow up every sign-in with email and SMS messages to ensure your details are top of their inbox.

Customize questions

Customize your sign-in sheets to your preference, enable or disable questions in real-time.

Open house reporting

Track open house registrations and provide detailed reporting on activity and answers to your listing client. Export sign-ins via CSV.

Real-time push notifications

Get alerted to your mobile the moment a user signs in, even if they don't complete every question.

Kiosk mode

Turn your tablet or phone into a kiosk for peace of mind.

Web app mode

Use your laptop in web app mode, providing more options for open house registration.

Mortgage referrals

Offer visitors the chance to be connected with a lender of your choice. Leads will be sent via email to the lender you prefer.

Multiple digital sign-in sheets

Have multiple sign-in sheets on one account with one of our paid plans.


Paid Yearly
Paid Monthly
Free Digital Business Card More features than the other guys


  • One free digital business card
  • Lead capture form
  • One FREE open house sign in sheet
  • Apple & Google wallet
  • Mobile widget
  • Track listing addresses
  • Write to NFC cards
  • Branded QR codes
Deetz Pro Everything in Free PLUS


  • Up to three digital business cards
  • Unlimited links
  • Embed videos
  • Embed download files
  • 30 second video greetings
  • Two open house sign in sheets
  • Export contacts via CSV
  • Follow up via TEXT message & email
Deetz Pro Plus Everything in Pro PLUS


  • Up to five digital business cards
  • CRM integrations
  • Unlimited open house sign in sheets
  • 2 minute video greetings
  • Inbound text messages
  • Send mortgage referrals
  • Manage sign-in questions
  • Reward open house sign-ins